The film industry is a unique paradox; filled with large numbers of participants yet all intricately connected giving the impression that everyone knows everyone. An extremely competitive industry with a reputation for being cutthroat yet you will still find people willing to help set you on the course to success; be it a peer helping you with your lines, a coach teaching you how to slate at an audition or a friend referring you to an agent.

Many people have helped Yinger establish his place in the industry as a respected photographer and stylist. Now he wants to pass along the help he’s received and work with you to produce genuine, honest and professional headshots to get you along your road to success.

With castings being such a demanding and commercial-minded process you only have seconds to make a meaningful and lasting impression. Yinger believes that a modern and successful headshot that will get you results is less about looking “perfect” or posed with dramatic airbrushed glamour shots. Instead, your headshots should paint a picture about you as a person, an actor, a star. Your headshot needs to be relaxed and gives a good honest resemblance of who you are because you want the producer or casting director to be able to project the character onto you and relate to you.

In short, Yinger will allow the real you to shine through without going over the top. A session with him is natural and unstructured with Yinger observing what is natural to you and guiding you towards creating what he believes makes the largest impact, an honest and effective headshot. But of course, a varied and effective portfolio will include the glamour along with the honest, and with Yinger’s background in indie filmmaking and fashion photography he is more than comfortable and able to throw in a splash of fashion to achieve that extra impact.

Photo credit: Trenton Michael