What’s the turnaround time?

You headshots will be ready in 7 days after your session.

What do I receive?

You will receive private link to your gallery, and be able to save the images directly to your computer.

Will you photoshop my image?

All your photos are color corrected, and I believe in getting the shot right before pressing the shutter. I don’t “airbrush” the final image, for I believe it is important that you walk into an audition with confidence that your headshot truly resembles and showcase who you are. In short, headshot is not a magazine cover. Hence I rarely have to photoshop my images, however in the event where I missed a lint on your shirt or a skin breakout, I am more than happy to remove and enhance it for you.

Do you have a makeup artists recommendation?

I highly recommend you hiring one of our recommended makeup artist extraordinaire. They will change up your makeup for the different looks, and will be your stylist shoot. If you were to hire one of our makeup artist, please come with a clean and bare face. Should you have any concern in regards to cosmetic allergy and reactions to makeup, then please bring it to our attention. Lastly, make sure you have a great sleep the night before, hence sleep is mandatory.

I’ve worked very closely with the following MUAs. Above their artistry, they are diligent, professional, and detailed-oriented.

Akina Mccrea
Jill Liu

What’s your style?

With my background in indie filmmaking, I love headshots that are cinematic, as if it is a still from a indie film. But at the end of the day, the headshot is really about you, and not about me. Your headshot should communicate who you are as an actor. An authentic, genuine, and honest headshot is what’s important to me.

Wardrobe rule of thumb?

○ Avoid busy patterns, stripes, bright colors, shiny jewelry, and garments with distinguishable logos. They draw attentions away from the face

○ Avoid bright colours, or plain white top

○ No bulky jackets, turtle neck, hats, thick sweater

○ Form fitting, body conscious

○ Colours that brings out the eyes are a plus

○ Be prepare from top to bottom, inside and out

○ If in doubt, just bring it! Pack everything in a small rolling suitcase or a small duffle bag!

Facial hair

If you have facial hair and debating what to do with it, I suggest speaking with your agent. I always advise versatility is key, so having some shots with facial hair, and some clean-shaven is not a bad idea at all (unless changing your facial hair makes you feel overly awkward and uncomfortable, then stick with what makes you feel good, comfortable and relax). A mix of indoor and outdoor shots will be taken.

Why do you prefer location shooting?

The world is my studio! I love location scouting and finding backgrounds that best match the look that we are going for. There are certainly a time and place for studio shooting, but whenever I can; let’s get outside and go somewhere!

I heard you love to shoot in the rain?

Yes, I genuinely love shooting in our Vancouver rain, for it gives me that cinematic and glossy background. My camera can handle it, and I can handle it. Shooting in the rain is optional. This is not for everyone, but you know who you are!

Can I combine two kids in one shoot?

I have to kindly say no, as much as sometimes it feels like they really only need a couple of shots. In order for me to deliver quality headshot (especially for kids), I must spend the time to get to know them and make them feel comfortable during the session.
I recognize the amount of investment that goes into our little actors, hence I have a package for multiple kids. Check out the investment page!

I heard you also shoot on film?

Film is my first love, it’s time-proven, and film is not dead. There are reasons why Hollywood directors such as Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and J.J. Abrams still prefers film over digital. I shoot on both medium-format and 35mm. If you like a session to preserve and document on film, I can’t wait to talk to you!